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       Let us help you make your school something special with custom school banners & more! We have 25 years of custom banner experience and would like to help make your ideas become reality without breaking your budget. We know how! New banners can update an older building or add a splash of color to a drab interior. Fabric banners soften the effect of hard surfaces such as masonry walls, metal lockers and glass windows. Their sound absorption qualities are an added benefit in noisy areas where students gather. These nylon banners are durable, colorful and simple to maintain.

       Tour our website for photos of our school banners, etc. in: Hallways, Parking Lots, Common Areas, Lunchrooms, Auditoriums, Stairways, Libraries, Faculty Rooms, Gyms, Entryways, and Music Rooms. You can also see: International and State Flag Displays, Outdoor Logo Flags, Spirit Flags, Classroom Flags, Indoor Sets, Championship Banners, Region/District Banners, Motivational Banners, Mission Statement Banners, Class Theme Banners, School Song Banners, Marching Band Banners and Welcome Banners.

       Your beautiful custom banners will arrive complete with all the necessary brackets, poles and end ornaments to give you a professional look. Some banners can even be installed with Velcro, if desired. In either case, installing these lightweight banners is a breeze for your custodian!

       Nothing will dramatically transform your building more quickly or economically!

  • Custom designs
  • Great durability
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Special events, seasonal, decorative
  • Top quality heavyweight nylon fabric
  • Available in any size, shape and quantity

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